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Alternatives to Modern Drugs

“Among alternatives to modern drugs, there has long been a traditional use of natural health products. However, such products normally cannot be registered as medicines; the considerable investment needed to qualify them as such often would not be compensated because...

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What Stinging Insect Is Inside Your House Or Yard?

With over 4,000 bee species and 18,000 wasp species native to the United States, it is no surprise that some of them might turn up inside your home or out in your yard. These insects are excellent pollinators, and they can play a significant role in helping your...

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What Are Myths About Wasp & Bees Removal?

Everybody loves honey, and it is not only tasty but also nutritious. However, everyone likes this sweet treat, but many people hate the sight of bees or wasps. And no one can blame them? As the provoked bees can sting humans and animals. If the bees come in a swarm,...

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Why Bee Relocation Is Important Over Extermination

Stinging insects like bees and wasps bring fear to many people when they discover them. Unfortunately, the fear also comes with the risk of allergic reactions because these creatures target humans who often suffer from stings or, worse - anaphylactic shock! However,...

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5 Reasons To Hire Bee Removal Service

Bees are pesky insects that buzz around the house looking for sugar sources. Even though bees are vital for ecosystems, no one wants to deal with them inside their homes. They can be dangerous. But killing them is also not an option you should consider. The best way...

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What To Do If You Have Bees In Soffit

When a family of bees found a shelter in your house, many time is at the edge of the roof- the soffit For a while, the bees might be unnoticed, but eventually the house residents will notice that bees have a nest in the house The problem with this is that sometimes,...

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Bees in the Wall

Sometimes we get people calling that they think there are bees in the wall of the house. Other times, we are told that the bees sometimes come in the bedroom or other rooms in the house. Needless to say, is not something you want to experience. This was exactly why a...

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You Got Mail

When you find in your mail box about 150,000 bees instead of the regular mail, than  the best think to do is not to get too close... This is exactly what had happened  recently. What she did, she called us and the bees were removed successfully and relocated.  Happy...

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Interesting ways of bees self defense- mummification

Bees are small insects extremely organized, clean  and effective with extraordinary capability of defense. In case an intruder threatens their habitat, a multitude of bee stings might change the mind of the intruder altogether. But sometimes, small insects such as...

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